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Boutique hotel Dacha Rachmaninoff 5*

Boutique hotel Dacha Rachmaninoff 5*

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Restaurant «Vesna»
Boutique hotel Dacha Rachmaninoff

Boutique hotel «Dacha Rachmaninov» is situated in the center of Miskhor Park and surrounded by ancient trees and subtropical greenery, created in the image of the Italian parks of the EIGHTEENTH century. "Cottage Rachmaninov" has 14 unique rooms located in a historic building, built in 1958.

The atmosphere of the Miskhor Park and the concept of the boutique hotel «Dacha Rachmaninov» defines a hotel as a place for solitude, creativity and discovery of the inner genius. Every detail of the interior, one will feel the greatest heritage, to wrap up a noble past and inspire you for new achievements.

Финалист Russian Hospitality Awards 2020