Dishes of Russian and European cuisine.

Restaurant "VESNA" is a luxurious restaurant with a view of the Black Sea, here they boldly experiment with bright combinations in the kitchen, preserving local gastronomic trends.

In the morning, I want to go out slowly and smartly to breakfast, set right on the terrace, where there is a light sea breeze and the freshness of a new day, and in the evening to see off the sunsets with a glass of good wine. These are memories that you take away with you after a rest and for which you will certainly return.

Gastronomic combinations will certainly remain in the collection of your impressions. We are sure that the main thing is the quality of the products, which guarantees maximum natural taste, and knowledge about their origin gives confidence and the ability to control all processes in the kitchen.

The restaurant is open from eight in the morning until eleven in the evening, but is ready to forget about hours and minutes for the sake of private events (40-50 people can easily be accommodated here).

We are glad to welcome guests who do not live in a boutique hotel from 13:00 to 23:00 hours, for such a visit to us you need to pre-book a table by phone.